I am awake but not wanting to be.

I didn’t get to sleep until a stupid hour. I then got woken up by the black cat that keeps strolling in. I checked the scale and it’s gone up again, not by much but it can be a slippery slope. I’m mid cycle so probably going to fill with water over the next two weeks. Then the worse part of my ingrown toenail is really uncomfortable. I tried to pull out the nail so it’s not pushing into my skin but it didn’t really work. I think that the pressure has gone down a bit. I rearranged my appointment at the foot place so hopefully they can fix it on a more permanent basis. It’s making my toe ache today so it must have made its way back in. I’m tired but my finger and leg was a lot more comfortable this morning so hopefully they will be completely healed in a few weeks. I can at least walk without limping today which is a good thing. It’s actually peaceful here because my cats have decided to go out for a bit. They probably don’t think I’m even awake yet because that is normally the case. I really want to go back to sleep.

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