Today has been a nightmare.

I had a migraine as soon as I woke up today. It is most likely due to the fact that my nose is constantly filling up due to allergies. I can walk again though as my leg is finally healed. It still hurts a little but it’s going the right way. It’s feeling stronger than when I went for my last walk. I got woken up by the random cat that keeps strolling in. He yowled until I got up and then disappeared. That isn’t a good day to do that when I have a splitting migraine. I have things to do but there is no need to nag me. I keep going shivery at the moment when I have this headache come on. I avoid humans to get around the demands. Animals have now started to boss me around. I like the cat but he can be a pain in the a** when he’s chasing Mimi around etc. Mimi decided to just go out earlier when him and mister were being conflicty. He literally wouldn’t go out until I got up after he was yowling loudly in my hallway. He had disappeared before I went out. I get asked by the local shop keeper what I do for work a lot because I go in there every time I go for a walk to buy a drink. I say writer, not blogger (they are the age group who won’t get all that stuff). I still feel a fraud when I say I’m that stuff. I know that I am but it feels like I am not all that. I don’t get paid for it so how can it be what I do for a living? I don’t do anything for a living apart from being registered disabled. I can’t be honest about that because there is so much stigma against the unemployed. I’m far from lazy but that is how people see all unemployed people. I know that I won’t be able to cope with employment as I am not consistent enough. I will go off on an ADHD type tangent which results in me never finishing stuff.

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