The nights can be so long.

I have a migraine from hell. Ironically, the injuries on my hand and knee are actually only feeling lightly bruised tonight. I can only hope that this means that I can do a lot more in regard to cleaning up my flat. I have really messy surroundings and the amount of dust that has built up is really affecting my allergies. They have got really bad so this migraine might be connected. I mentally moved on from everything today because I just couldn’t stand being awake tormented by everything in the past every night. I still feel really ill though so couldn’t sleep tonight. I just feel really achy and like I have a cold. I have no energy but I’m not tired which makes no sense. I’m no longer on my antidepressants at all. I stopped hearing brain zaps so I presume the withdrawals are over. I was taking tapering off dosages until I was ready to come off completely. Those brain zaps aren’t nice and were loud at first. Then after a few weeks they were more like background noise. I am slowly getting sleepy but mister has decided to lay right in the middle of the bed exactly where I put my legs. I don’t want to wake him so I will just have to put my legs either side of him under the duvet cover.

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