I feel so ill :(

I forgot to replace the painkillers for my injuries and now I also have a migraine. I have a bit of a sore leg due to walking but my finger has gone bad again. Something went in the middle of my fingers again and now it’s gone back to how it was originally just not as painful. Social media has made me feel fat by saying on a video that 160 lbs is fat. I’m just over 170 lbs. I now feel huge. I have never felt so unwell for a long time. I normally take something for migraines. I could have sworn I bought some more painkillers but there is none there. I haven’t taken that many. I have been taking them once a day at night so that I can sleep without pain from my injuries. I probably do have an underlying illness because even the smallest bit of exercise makes me tired and then my body kicks back with injuries. The GP is a waste of time. It is easier to treat yourself with vitamins and pain relief to heal body parts. Everything hurts when I do exercise. The only time I’m comfortable is when I’m not doing much activity but normal stuff. I really want answers but the GP does a few tests and never follows it up.


3 responses to “I feel so ill :(”

  1. If those painkillers are opiate based (codeine/morphine etc) and you feel so unwell without them you may be having withdrawal symptoms. People need to be aware just how dangerous these over-used and over-prescribed medications are and they can lead to serious addiction problems.


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