Conspiracy theory or not?

There is a huge amount of conspiracy theories surrounding the covid 19 vaccine. None of them can really be proved but still used by antivaxxers to prop up their theory as to why people shouldn’t have it. There were seemingly healthy people who had the vaccine that went on to pass away suddenly. Some of them were quite young. I had the vaccine and boosters. I wasn’t keen on having them after what I had heard. I haven’t had covid yet but there are people that have been vaccinated and had it several times. There were people that got it really badly and still died from it despite getting the vaccine. I haven’t felt the same since having the vaccine but I wouldn’t be saying to others that they shouldn’t take it. There are things we just need to do for the general well-being of others in society. We have to stop things like that spreading so taking the vaccine is the responsible option. I also wear a mask in places like hospitals because it’s the right thing to do. The singer Darius Danesh passed away only a few days ago at just 41 out of the blue, totally unexpected etc (also, coincidentally Elvis Presley passed away 16th August 1977 so it would have been the anniversary of his death and they were just about the same age- Darius was a few days from his 42nd birthday). That aside, I hope it doesn’t reopen the whole antivaxxer argument about people dropping dead after these vaccines. He was a well known star over in America (despite getting into music etc here-UK) and when high profile people pass away literally there is so much speculation surrounding details. The cause of death is going to take at least two months to come back. In the meantime lots of people will be guessing… especially those in the antivaxxer movements who are literally trying to link every death of vaccinated people (it is presumed someone like Darius was vaccinated) to the fact that they were vaccinated. The world is confusing enough without the constant conspiracy theories. I find it hard enough to function and make decisions being autistic, BPD etc. I saw the conspiracy theories surrounding the vaccine and ended up absolutely petrified to get it. I did go but the anxiety regarding whether I was signing my own death sentence was off the charts. I ended up so on edge the days leading up to taking each dose.

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