Wtf, please turn down the humidity.

Rain normally takes down the humidity but that isn’t happening tonight. The weather app is still telling me that the humidity is 95%. I am literally laying on my bed sweating. I let the cats out for a bit because they were fed up. They didn’t want to go back out again until I had gone to shut the window. I’m not getting up again otherwise I will never sleep. I slept a lot yesterday because insomnia has kicked off again so not that tired yet. I think my knee may be about to heal a little more. I did some exercises tonight as a test this evening. If it’s not ready then it will feel extremely bad when I wake up tomorrow. I don’t think it will though as it is starting to feel a lot more stable despite still being swollen. I put absolutely no weight on the injuries doing exercises on my bed. The joint I am using is on my arms and legs is not the injured part. It briefly takes the weight off while I’m healing the other parts. I have cut calories but it’s making me hungry because I’m so used to going the gym and walking being able to consume more. I need to find a happy medium to tide me over while I’m parts of me are having to recover from injury. The recent weight loss and inches loss may be due to the effort I made before injury. I have to sustain the efforts in some form to keep losing weight over weeks and months ahead. I can’t just eat less and hope I don’t go into a calorie surplus. It’s a huge balancing act. I am resting but not completely. I did rest for a week initially because literally my injuries were too bad to even do little bits, especially after I tried to do a walk. That took me back a bit. That was before I found out I can’t rush this injury as it’s 6 to 8 weeks recovery time. It’s hard enough using my hand on a daily basis. I have tried to use the other hand but being right handed (the injured finger is on that one) I can’t do a lot of things like write or open things with the other hand. Also, I got in contact with the open university to see where my higher education certificate in law was recently after that support phone call. They send me an email today asking me if I want to restart my level 2 modules with them. I don’t want to do that. I said I wasn’t coming back and I meant it.

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