I was NEVER guilty. This is how it works inside the system.

This is the main point that I want to make out there in the world! The beyond reasonable doubt of evidence in criminal cases are not needed when the person pleads guilty. Whether it was during my younger years or on more recent occasions. I never went to trial on any of those occasions to contest my side. I was pushed into admitting I was guilty and the system just processing it because it’s easier to label someone a criminal than help them for aspects of their disability. I wish that I hadn’t been such a pushover in the past. The system wouldn’t have assassinated my character into something it isn’t on paper. I was pushed into meltdowns (part of autism) to get to the point of writing a correspondence incriminating myself every time the police got involved. Meltdowns aren’t a choice. They are part of autism. I deserved compassion and understanding, not what I got. I’m innocent. I have always been innocent. I wrote instead of spoke which is also part of autism. That is trying to communicate. Trying to reach out to others. Trying to make friends. None of that was in malice. I never shut up because I needed others to listen but they wouldn’t.

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