I’m really disorganised and hard to get hold of nowadays.

I got a message request on LinkedIn which I cannot check because the app keeps telling me my details are wrong (yet I can log on in web browser, go figure). I don’t particularly use LinkedIn. I sometimes check instagram, twitter, fb messenger and TikTok messages. I check my email every day but I never delete anything so sometimes I miss things. I’m sorry I have become utterly disorganised since I got older. I was moderately disorganised before but I have taken a huge dive into the depths of disorganisation over the last couple of years. If the message is important on LinkedIn then please resend it to my twitter account which is the easiest to access on my mobile (hardly ever log onto my old laptop). If it’s spam then don’t bother resending it. I get enough of that stuff via email. I’m not ignoring it… I literally can’t access it which means I will not be able to read it.

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