I couldn’t move today.

I literally just made myself go for a bath. I needed one. I don’t have one every day now. It is still hard to move around my flat with my knee still swollen. It does it good to be in warm water for a while but getting in and out is hard. I have lost weight again. The base weight on scale has now gone down to 78.5 kg. That is good considering I can’t exercise to burn fat. I am literally only using calorie cutting for weight loss at the moment because any excess can’t be burnt off. I eat a little bit more some days but try to stay down most days. I really can’t do a lot. I made myself an egg sandwich earlier. It literally went all over the hob. Somehow some of the insides of the two eggs ran underneath. I put thirst pocket tissues to soak it up but couldn’t find the cleaner at the time to spray on it so hopefully it isn’t a huge mess when I go back to it. It is hard to get up during the day when you can’t sleep at night. I felt too tired to get up so I went back to sleep.

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