Very tired and more cat antics.

The neighbours cat strolled in again. I’m literally too tired to even get him out, let alone tell him to go. I’m keeping an eye but if I fall asleep then I’m sorry but too tired to stay awake. He is in a continuous sniffing around mode at the moment. He took a pee in the litter box which won’t go down well with mister. I’m hoping he gets bored and strolls back out eventually. I would take control but I had a bad night. So far, mister is staying away from him which means there will be no fights breaking out. I think the cats owner does what I do. The window gets left open for the cats to come and go. Something must have changed in the cats routine for him to be strolling into other windows. He has never come inside mine before and not wanted to leave. Both that cat and his sister (she looks the same but has a pink collar) has jumped in and had a quick nosey about before over the years I have lived here. They were always too scared to come near me but this one has become so blatantly confident now. He thinks that he may get away with moving in but he won’t because I can’t do that. He doesn’t even want food. He literally wants to just sniff around. If he is looking for Mimi again he’s out of luck. She has again disappeared outside to see her boyfriend. It’s raining and she still wants to be out there. I put food down so even if I do fall asleep then they have dry food and some water to cover them until I’m awake for wet food time. I don’t want to screw my sleep pattern up again but I am exhausted and feel like crap. If I don’t rest / sleep… no energy to wash hair. That needs doing before the ends product overload starts to do damage. It’s going to take two shampoos and a condition which takes longer with my hair being so thick and getting longer. I don’t use the shower head because it dries my hair out and doing it over the bathroom sink is like working out… especially if you’re already exhausted. The sensory aspect of water going over scalp and the feel of the products aren’t nice either. I only feel it worse when I’m tired.

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