Late night again.

I wasn’t back home until late and then had to put my name bed covers on because I washed the others earlier. I finally got to bed. Checked the tarot cards regarding restraining order removal. It wasn’t great. If death and the hanged man comes out on either end of the spread, with the page of swords as the obstacles card, it’s going to be a slim to zero chance. I think that I at least deserve an apology for judging me as someone I am not and totally disregarding my disability when making those judgements. That is the least I deserve. They also have to be sincere because if they aren’t I will be able to tell. I was put through hell because of how they perceived me so giving me an apology is a small token. They’re opinion used to mean so much to me. I literally started believing I was evil because of how they perceived me.

Anyway, I am now in bed and if I get re-angry about that I won’t sleep. I have to get up at a decent time tomorrow because my hair desperately needs a wash. I have just been sticking product in it to protect it from the heat for a few days. It is now full of product and feeling dry to the touch. It needs a good wash and condition tomorrow. The oil I have put on it probably won’t sink in due to other products but it will stop it breaking until morning. I’m hoping the cat from the other block of flats doesn’t come in to mine tomorrow and refuse to leave again. He wanders about ever so often. His sister has been in here too. They normally have a sniff about and then go. The flats here are all similar in layout so that probably confuses them. He decided this wasn’t his plan today. He randomly strolls in after jumping in the window and does a full investigation of my flat. He sniffs everywhere as well as upsetting mister. I offered him food and water which he didn’t want. He then goes to explore into my bathroom, jumps in the bath and then back out again. I then put him out the front window after he jumped up and walked onto the ledge. I shut the window behind him which made him quite vocal at me. Then a few minutes later he came back in the back window and went for another sniff round. He even sniffed the cat toys one by one. I eventually got him out by telling him he had to go and spraying air freshener next to him. He started getting hissy at me when he didn’t want to go. I had to go out so he wasn’t able to stay in with my cats. They were due their food before I went out so he had to go. He looks like a Siamese crossed with another breed. That could explain his attitude. They have strong personalities and are quite vocal. He is built like that breed and has a long pointy face. He was kind of friendly to me but kept his distance. I know he’s chased Mimi in the past so it’s probably that season for them. I am going to find it hard enough to bend over to wash hair with my knee swollen as it is, not to mention using my swollen finger too. I don’t need him strolling in and refusing to leave again.

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