I am not asleep again :( random worried feeling after constant deja vu.

I decided to do some cleaning instead of going to bed. I used my hand to write a few pages and now it hurts and is more swollen again. I feel really worried. I don’t even know why. I keep getting deja vu moments. I am not mad. I am totally sane. Probably the most sane I’ve been in my life so far. There are little things that I can’t possibly have seen before. These little things lead to something. I must have dreamed these little things for them to be familiar to me. I have had dreams that happened several times in my life which is why I am concerned. I know that I’m not the only one who is intuitive being kept awake at the moment. I knew that my abilities would come back once I stopped my medication because that was like a barrier. I know my soul has been here before and it came back for a reason into my current life. I may be meant to be here at this time but it’s petrifying to think that something I pick up may happen. What if the dream where we are nuked actually happens (had that dream a few years back)? We won’t survive it if we are somewhere outside and the survivors will be poisoned so won’t be the same again. This scenario wouldn’t even have crossed my mind if we hadn’t already been threatened by Russia (well, more accurately their dangerous crack pot leader putin). I am aware of the rule what is meant to be will be regardless of how we try to stop it. Why should it be if it’s the result of a mad mans actions? It may not be that but something is coming that will change our lives completely. I am now trying to remember every dream I have ever had trying to see what fits the current reality we are in right now. I can’t remember many details but I have written some down because I felt like it was a message or something. Nothing fits the current reality but what is going on with Russia right now. The other one was no food, land was dry so everything wouldn’t grow and animals couldn’t eat. There are always lots of buildings in my dreams… I don’t know if that is a significant thing though. The worse dream I had was darkness, nothing but pitch black. That may have been my personal trauma though. Another one I remember is extremists rounding people up if they weren’t certain religion in every country in Europe. I don’t want to single any religious group out but these extremists were slitting throats so that reality definitely scares me. These people who are going to be the ones to attack society need to be prevented from doing so whether they are politicians or groups of extremists. That is all I can find from the dreams I have written down. I’m hoping that they were just dreams but if I can prevent stuff from happening by putting it out there then I would feel safer doing that.

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