Sleep pattern better. Trying to get stuff done.

I was up by lunchtime today which is good considering I had only 4 hours sleep. I managed to get a few things done so my surroundings look less of a mess. I had to take a painkiller when I got up because my hand and leg had that stiff pain feeling going on. I had to get rid of that before I could actually function to get stuff done. I had a random phone call yesterday from student services at the open university. I have been left there since December. I tried to ring them back after they left a voicemail but the phone number doesn’t go through to the right department just a recorded message. I was asking for support for months before I finally quit. Also, they couldn’t even pay me to go back into even a distance university environment. I cannot stand our current education system and the university environment is a pretentious pompous hideous habitat full of people who look down on anyone different. I just can’t stand it all. The old me used to tolerate it but current me can’t think of a worse environment.

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