May I just put this out there?

This is just a suggestion and only doing what I am legally allowed to do here. It has nearly been 8 / 9 years since the restraining order got put on. We are both in totally different situations now. I’m not even the same person I was back then. I’m always going to have my autism but I shouldn’t have to pay for what kicked off back then. I am still trying to prove to the world that I should have never been labelled a criminal for my autism/BPD in the first place. I ask that the order be revoked and we meet to finally put the past to bed. I want to say things that I do not put on here in public because my private life is not all an open book. I say what I am allowed and give out details I’m comfortable putting on the blog etc. To make both parties feel more comfortable we tell others where we are going and make sure it’s in public somewhere. We are similar in some ways which is why I want to clear the air. I would appreciate it if circumstances could be made for me to do that. I would like the other party to at least think about the suggestion before saying no straight away. I need this to get over certain things and to get my confidence back. The other party can remove it by asking the courts and the court will notify me that it has been sorted in letter form. Then they message me to arrange the meet up. That way is the safest for me to keep out of trouble.

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