I still feel like crap :(

I only walked around a few supermarkets to get my weekly food shop. Then my knee starts throwing a wobbly. It is just so uncomfortable to get things done around my flat. I can’t go to bed until my pillows have dried (washed them as they were a bit flat). I thought my monthly was done but now it’s started again. It’s not that bad but I was wanting to get that part over with since my injuries are making life difficult. I don’t think my nails are going to be recovered from the extension damage for a long time. They keep snapping off despite the fact I am taking vitamins to repair the damage from my period of over indulging on alcohol etc. I probably won’t see a difference until I’ve become teetotal. I bought J2O orange and passion fruit as a replacement for my normal alcohol drinks today. I also have 3 little cartons of apple juice so trying to replace them with other stuff. I don’t even want to look at the scale now. It keeps going up. That frustrates me even more because I can’t exercise like normal to get it down. The only way that I can possibly not gain weight in the long term is halve my calorie intake. I don’t know how long it will take my injuries to heal so that I can go back to my routine. The pain of trying to function is driving me crazy. The little things feel like massive tasks while I’m struggling to walk without feeling it pulling and using my hand makes it hurt in between my fingers again.

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