Frustrated and hot.

I have a sleep pattern that means I am awake most of the night. I keep feeling hot and have a headache. I was tired when I went to bed but that was most likely due to feeling as if I was dragging my leg around with me. It is still quite heavy due to being swollen. I dropped my calories again because the scale keeps spiking up.

Luckily my monthly is behaving itself this time. It hasn’t gone stupidly heavy at all… yet. It seems to be normal again. I still probably have water weight but I can’t risk eating too many calories in case that isn’t the increase on the scales. I feel slimmer but still chubby at the same time. I am impatiently waiting for my leg muscle to go down because it’s stopping me getting stuff done around my flat. I already had a week of being unable to do stuff due to my finger injury. As you can properly imagine things are starting to look neglected.

I don’t go well with this heat. It’s making me frustrated and really moody. I washed, conditioned and deep conditioned mask my hair yesterday. It went frizzy as it dried due to the humidity. I put it in a braid to try to tease down the cuticles. I don’t think it’s a good idea to straighten it in this heat. I am going to spray heat protector on it before venturing outside. That protects it from sun damage. I am probably also moody due to my leg being uncomfortably stiff every time I try to walk even short distances around my flat. I literally told the cat to pack walking around my legs when she was waiting for food yesterday. I don’t want her tripping me up and either twisting an ankle or doing my other knee in. She literally walks right between my legs. Then I feel awful if I trip over her, normally I don’t but on the odd occasion I have. I will probably end up with sunburn again… I did last time despite wearing sunscreen. I am as pale as possible. The nearest I get to a tan is freckles.

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