Already struggling after being awake barely an hour.

I managed to get a few hours sleep. I woke up with my finger getting painful and swollen again alongside my leg muscle which is also just as bad. I got up, had breakfast, fed cats, took a painkiller. Then one of the cats was sick. She’s strolled off outside now so she must be ok. If she has gone to meet her boyfriend she won’t be back until this evening. The other cat came to get me moaning at me about the sick patches on the floor. The way he walked around them was like it was made of lava. I have cleared it up so he can chill out now. He is now chilling out next to me. I am still in bed but need to get up soon (when painkillers kick in). I have to try to do things before it is too much of a mess around here. I also have to go out to get a few bits. I barely have anything left in my fridge apart from tonight’s meal. I think my monthly has just about finished but I’m doubtful as only been on 3 days. It could be because I’ve had to rest so not been moving like normal. It is about time it started behaving normally though. I also need to completely stop drinking alcohol now. It is the only way I’m going to push my weight back down. I also do not have the daily calorie allowance for alcohol as there is no way of keeping it under 1500 (trying to stay between 1200 to 1400 ish) if I even drink one of the alcopops I normally drink. It will be hard the first few weekends because that is my routine. Buy a pack of 4 and drink 2 per night but two is 480 calories on its own. That was fine when I was slightly larger and had more excess calorie allowance but not sustainable if I ever want to get back down to a size 8 to 10. I’m struggling to reduce the width of my hips and I don’t see any other way of getting smaller hips without not having alcohol even as a weekend chill out thing. I managed to get down to 39 inch hips when I didn’t drink before the pandemic got me into bad habits. I’m 42 inches on my hips at the moment (well I was a week ago when I measured myself). Inches drop off when you least expect it. If I lose 3 inches all over I will have a 29 inch waist again which I haven’t had for a few years now. I will have a 36 bust measurement again which I also haven’t had in years. At the moment it drifts around 39 and 40. It is difficult because every bit of excess body fat tends to go to areas where I am naturally curvy so it makes me feel much bigger. I can’t wait until my injury clears up because results won’t happen until I can at least walk every day. I can’t walk with a stiff painful leg. I don’t know how I managed to pull it. I only did what I normally do at the gym. I had added home exercises in but nothing that would stress out my muscles. Those exercises barely use my knee muscles, they were more aimed at thigh reduction size.

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