Uncomfortable again :(

I am pretty sure that I have filled up with water and today is going to be one of my monthlies worse days. I feel worse than normal anyway because my leg muscle keeps kicking off. I managed a short walk yesterday which seemed to not do too much harm. However, now it’s swollen up again. I don’t think it is permanently injured just complaining from being overused on walks etc. I can’t push myself beyond 16,000 steps without getting pain afterwards. It is only hurting because the muscle has swollen itself. It isn’t pulled or something more serious. I know the difference because the knee on my other leg got injured in my early 20s (the first time I had to lose a few stone) and that felt like it was ripping around my kneecap. Ironically, that knee has just finally properly healed and then the other side kicks off. It is completely mad and makes no sense. I have a slightly less swollen hand as that injury is clearing up. That was either something trapped or muscle injury in that hand because it felt like a constant pulling in between my fingers and then my index finger swelled up. It’s still a bit swollen but that horrendous painful tightness has gone away. The worse part was the tight pulling sensation in between my fingers. I do need a rest day because my weight starts fluctuating upwards and refuses to go back down unless I don’t exercise for one or two days. We are going to get boiled here in the UK again the rest of this week so it will probably be too hot to go out walking etc. Insomnia is already a huge issue for me right now. I am semi nocturnal in nature. I literally wake up late afternoon near the evening and then am awake until about 6 am or a bit later. I don’t want to be like that. I long for a decent nights sleep. I constantly wake up when I do sleep. I will never lose weight properly if I can’t do proper sleep. I can go into the odd deep nap but not often.

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