This country is full of greedy rich people. This is what needs to happen but they won’t listen.

We need to get the rich people in this country to find their humanity again (or for the first time if they were born into a super rich privileged background). The plan for if I won the lottery they can do now. The bosses of the energy companies putting their prices up to stupid amounts which no normal citizen can afford. They can avoid putting the prices up by cutting their salary and other monetary perks in half. Then putting all that cash into workers wages rather than offering those working below them something like 35p (Amazon). The record profits that has been made by these types of companies should be put into accounts which pay interest on top on the money so that it accumulates and then given to the NHS and other things in our current system which are desperately under funded leading to unnecessary death and immense suffering. The companies do NOT need all the excess profits and their CEO’s etc could still live in their large houses, own their top performance cars, take private flights or go first class on holiday on half of what they currently get paid.

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