The lion’s gate portal manifestation…

08/08 is known as the lion’s gate portal in the spiritual circles. I have never tried to specifically manifest on this particular date. I may as well try it this year. The world is a mess and as someone who can feel energy… there are definitely big unexpected things coming. I don’t know exact details but what I sense is that things will probably not be the same soon. I used to worry but now I don’t because there’s nothing I can personally do about it. Anyway, back to attempting my manifestations. I have had a lot more blog hits than I normally do over the last few days. They’ve mostly been on the article that I wrote about not knowing the full facts about the Archie Battersby case to be judging the family etc. I don’t like getting high views over such a sad topic. Himself and his case shouldn’t have become some kind of media circus/click bait. I hope he is at peace now and that his family can grieve without media interference. I do still want my blog to be more successful though. I would still like my hits to be in their thousands like they have been since people started Googling information about that case. I just don’t want it to be due to such an awful situation. I would still like to win the lottery jackpot / top prize. It doesn’t matter which one. Set for life or Lotto / Euro jackpot would be money I could use to change the system and get a house, living worry free for the rest of my life. I only need a percentage for myself as I plan to do good with the rest of the winnings which I will make sure is in an account that adds interest so more money accumulates to put into changing the system. I would love to be well known or famous… I just hope it doesn’t backfire on me. All I want coming toward me is positive vibes, love and luck. The things of the past to be sorted and put to bed as much as possible. I want happiness but that is difficult right now. I would also appreciate it if my injuries cleared up and I actually stopped getting injured because it is getting irritating. I can’t do stuff … even every day things (my flat has become a mess while finger has been injured). The finger is starting to hurt less. The pulling feeling has subsided now. It is still swollen but it feels like it is actually starting to heal now. Then the muscle above my knee swells up. I’m hoping that this isn’t a full on injury … hopefully it will go down after a few days of no long walks or gym sessions. Oh, and one more thing, please can I reset my sleep pattern. Insomnia is driving me crazy.

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