Restless night :( Migraine won’t go and trying to tackle pain.

I have had a really restless night. I feel battered from laying on the exercise a lot the past few days. The muscles in my legs feel swollen etc. I technically haven’t rested because my attempt to go to sleep wasn’t successful. I took a painkiller for my migraine but it is still there. It was an anti-inflammatory painkiller, so it’s eased my finger swelling and aching legs. That is good because it wasn’t even touching the inflammation in my finger the last couple of days. I have managed to ease off my finger swelling by putting a bandage around the affected area to hold it all together so whatever is injured can’t move out of place. That should help encourage it to heal. The bad finger is now woven onto the other one by the bandage so it cannot move into dodgy positions which brings more swelling. It seems to have gone down when I checked it after a few hours. The constant feeling of pulling and parts of my finger nerves feeling trapped has finally gone away. The pulling sensation was worse than the pain from it.

I finally got so fed up if this malfunctioning mattress that I went online to find another one. I cannot sleep on this one much longer. I found a perfect memory foam one in the sale which will be easy to send back if there are issues. I may have to sleep on this one while waiting for 28 days (up to give or take for new one to be delivered). 60 days trial. If I don’t like it I can send it back. 15 years warranty so if it does go faulty in the first few years I can send it back and get a replacement. I don’t think the one I have now is helping my aches. I am just never comfortable which makes my sleep issues even worse. When this one hasn’t been turned over it feels like I am laying on springs with just a thin layer of fabric over them. Once it starts to sag more then turning it isn’t going to make a difference. Some of the edges have collapsed. I nearly rolled out if it before I turned it over last time due to the edge sinking. The place I got this one from has said that they will only give me a discount off if another mattress from them. It came with the bed. I don’t want another one from them because we may end up in exactly the same position again. I just want to be comfortable rather than constantly be messing around with products that don’t have long enough guarantees. I find functioning on a daily basis difficult enough without worrying that I can’t get a refund or replacement for faulty goods. I am too tired for all that nowadays. I do not sleep properly in general and the mattress issues are just adding to that inability to sleep. I only drop off for a few hours per day. It’s annoying and never have the energy to get things done.

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