Controversial topic… this is less about how to ‘trick’ the system but how to survive and keep what is yours.

This may not work in every case but it has worked in some cases. I got the idea about this entry after talking to my son’s dad after ten years earlier today. This was the plan that I knew worked at that time but he went ghost and my son was given to strangers to adopt him. I needed him to agree to a DNA test which would have opened the channels to him being adopted by his paternal side of the family. That isn’t what I wanted but it would have bided me time. He didn’t get on with some of his family members which is the magic ingredient with that branch of social services. There is a disproportionate amount of children placed with relatives they don’t get on with… this is because they are more likely to cooperate with the side trying to take child away from a birth parent. That would have given me more time to be in court and due to him not being placed on an order (they don’t need a care/placement order to place with family and birth parents have slightly more rights). I knew exactly what I was trying to do but no one listened to me. The system in general works on cruel values very old fashioned based on religious teachings. Religion was a huge part of peoples lives when our social service system was formed. We have to rip the current system to pieces from the inside and once it’s broken they will have to create another more humane one from scratch. I would fully advice that the birth parents of that baby recently killed by the foster cared mentioned in a previous blog to sue all that were involved in the babies removal from birth family and subsequent placement with … let’s plainly say it how it is here… a murderer (well a potential murderer at that point. Keep digging until you find a place that will take your case on. You have to be looking for answers or resources 24/7 until you need to sleep. If I won the super rollover on the uk lottery tonight I would be using a lot of that money to change the system. I would take enough aside to buy a house and use the rest to make system reform a reality. If you shove winnings in an interest account you will be making money constantly on what is in there. The winnings would never be spent and the money can be used to cease the crap that is currently going on. Money talks in this society and none of us without a huge amount are going to bring down the crap that is being allowed in the system.

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