We never know the full facts in many cases.

I have a really bad migraine so this is going to be a quick entry tonight. I also have a worse swollen finger which I can no longer bend and my strength is going down in it. I literally put ice on it which is when it got stiffer and started playing up more.

The things coming out about Archie Battersby’s mother and their family situation over the passed 24 hours have shown that we do not always know the full facts of any situation. The fact that she went from her original name, Lisa Pittaway, to Hollie Dance is one thing. Her old name brings up a lot of stuff from her past including having served time for criminal offences when Google searched. There is also rumours that the accident wasn’t a TikTok challenge but a suicide attempt. We don’t know which is the truth. We shouldn’t be attacking her character because regardless of what is happening she is going to lose her son. I recognise her face from somewhere. She had the same name as my son’s father. That surname isn’t that common. Her son had the blond haired features that mine did when he was born. I would assume that he still has that kind of colouring now aged 10. I thought of my son straight away when I first saw him because of how he looked. It is none of my business because personal life didn’t really get discussed when we entered into our arrangement for him to get me pregnant a decade ago. It is strange how I thought that and then find out her former surname was the same as his while also thinking her face looks familiar from the first time I saw it on the news. He was older than me so would be closer to her age. This world can be a very small place nowadays. Last time he was escaping from the situation in regard to social services involvement and the subsequent decision that my son had to be adopted… his excuse for not getting involved as a friend was that he was moving to France with his parents. I don’t know how true that was, but he has been ghost with me ever since.

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