I am so uncomfortable.

It is that time of the month again so I am bloated as hell and have a headache. It swells all my muscles on top of exercise so I didn’t do too much at the gym session this week. I also have my injured finger so today has literally been a leg exercise session only. Then the annoying thing about it is that my hand still comes up and I am trying to use my other hand to do stuff (hard when it is my dominant hand). I should have called the GP this morning but having trouble sleeping means I can never meet the 8am deadline to try to get an on the day appointment. We still only get given a phone appointment at our surgery so it is kind of useless if you’ve got a swollen hand. I am really tired. The malfunctioning hard springy mattress is making it harder to sleep. That maybe why I wake up aching a lot. I haven’t got that kind of money to spend all in one go and now I am paying off my mobile phone over 12 months so unless I get a good deal (and I mean decent quality for 400 to 500 quid which I can pay off in stages) I can’t fix the issue. I am going to try to get something to strap my hand up so that I can use it. I left my flat in a state because I just can’t use my hand properly when it comes to vacuuming up etc. Cat hairs are building and that is kicking off my allergies so it’s a horrible environment to live in while I can’t physically keep on top of it. I can barely move anyway just before my monthly starts due to swelling up. I think it may come on slightly early as it was spotting earlier… so if that can just get it over with I will be a lot more comfortable. I really stepped up my home exercises this week (only normally walk) and I feel it so much that I had to take the weight levels down which I normally lift due to my muscles already being fatigued. It works though. I got my base weight to 78.8kg when I got up today which was unexpected after falling off the calorie consumption ladder earlier on in the week. I did 600 reps of leg exercises (3 different ways 100 each) in bed the first night and 100 on each leg the night after (200 in total). Yesterday I went for a walk too. I needed to push my body into fat burning mode due to the fact that it was messing around not getting very far on the weight loss scale. It sounds a lot but doesn’t feel it if you do it in sets of 20. This is probably the worse time of the month to do it but as I am in pain anyway it will just blend in and probably help push nature along in the hormone department. I was getting rather lazy. I wasn’t trying hard enough and then bitching about gaining weight… I have bloat today but that is just temporary for probably the next week. I am totally prepared to feel battered for the next week if in the long run my weight finally drops. I can still lift some weights on my arms because I have a wrap around weight that will avoid having to put pressure on my swollen hand (it sticks around the wrist) … it isn’t so heavy but I can keep up progress while injured.

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