I’m not answering things at the moment.

I am sorry but I am not replying to anything at the moment. I can’t be out there at the moment. I literally have gained all the weight back in a week due to stuffing myself. I now have a morning base weight of 79.8 kg and I need to deal with that before I reply to anything. I undid everything. I can barely eat the next few days to bring it back down. I won’t starve if I take the multivitamins with what I ado eat. I have no interest in being social that isn’t productive.
I woke up with my finger actually stiff this morning. It is still really swollen and now it’s stiff it hurts to bend. I am too large to exist. I now need to eat one meal a day and breakfast every second day for a week to make my body go down. I am hungry but I will be because I was constantly topping up calories. I went for a walk yesterday but it got cut short due to headphones dying. I have left them on charge so they have no excuse to let me down again. I don’t barely want to drink because that is excess scale weight straight away. I have been going the gym and trying to lose weight for nearly a year now. I shouldn’t be still stuck after losing the first stone. I should have barely any body fat by now. I don’t go as much as I should due to injury but I walk enough. I used to be 9 and a half stone walking most days. I don’t want this body it sucks.

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