Hormones beating me up today.

I am a few days off starting monthly and I am suffering a lot. I couldn’t settle last night, I feel like I have been in a battle… literally everything aches. I can feel the water collection in my bloated areas. I have a swollen finger which I think is an injury because it feels a little bruised. That has really put a halt on weight loss journey. I was going to go the gym but I can’t even pick up every day stuff without being in pain let alone weights. I could do legs but need to catch up with stuff at home so I will see what it is like tomorrow. The anti-inflammatory painkiller I took actually made it more inflamed which means I have nothing to take to make it better. I will just have to keep putting ice on it and running it under cold water. Don’t even get me started on scale weight. It went from 79.2 to 79.5 in the mornings when I first wake up, It ends up nearly 80kg or just above by the end and of the day. Last week it went down to 78.8 kg and I literally haven’t eaten over the same amount of calories consistently. It makes no sense. I will never get down a few stone if it keeps doing that and always going back to 80kg.

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