Anyone else feel this?

I can’t be the only one to feel this shift in energy when I woke up this morning. The whole of time seems different. I cannot explain it but it feels so off. I am not fully awake yet. I had a really bad night. I literally only fell asleep for one hour then couldn’t sleep until early morning. I don’t feel like I even want to be awake today. I am quite sure this isn’t me just being tired. Time just doesn’t feel like it did previously. I am completely sober and not taken any medication since the middle of the night (I was in pain after going for a walk yesterday). I am completely of sound mind even if this all sounds completely insane. I have seen other intuitive people say things seem off recently but I never noticed it until this morning. I could pick up that things weren’t how they used to be for a while. However, this is completely different. The whole fabric of time seems changed. It is a feeling that I haven’t experienced before. I wish that I was able to explain it but it’s impossible to put into actual words.

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