Month: July 2022

  • Weight loss restarted … this is how I did it.

    I woke up today and my weight had gone back down. It was at 78.9kg before it went up to 80kg. In 4 days, it has equaled out to 78.6kg. I went really bloated the last couple of days and my insides were kicking off a lot. I woke up fine and lighter than I […]

  • I’m busy so here is a quick entry today.

    I have to make a really hard effort to clean my flat later. It is an awful grubby mess. I have done bits but never finish it without getting tired. I sleep in intervals at the moment. That is fine if it is more than just a few hours. That is what happened last night […]

  • I can’t sleep being plagued by utter frustration.

    I am glad that youngsters who are growing up autistic have more opportunities in life, but I feel like I missed out. I see all these youngsters and some my age or older who had the support growing up succeeding in life. Then I look at myself and I can’t get there. I tried to […]

  • I give up because it has been decided that I am a ’none person’

    I am sick of the saying that none disabled people say. We can’t keep trying until we get somewhere because we don’t get anywhere once society says we are ‘none people’. The council point blankly ignored my letter regarding section 117 aftercare discharge. They are supposed to have 28 days to answer customers as per […]

  • Its disheartening to step on scales after a lot of exercise and actually gained weight.

    I am fed up. I went down to 78 kg then back up to 79.5 and now 80 kg this morning. I look fatty despite the daily walks. I even did nearly 26,000 steps one day last week. 15,000 to 16,000 at least 5 times a week. I still am weight training. I even have […]