There are differences between clairvoyant psychic and a medium.

I was reading through the twitter hashtag comments for coronation street on Friday night. There was really crap (obviously fake) medium doing a show at the bistro. It came to my attention that lots of people don’t know the difference between a psychic clairvoyant and a psychic medium. I was asked if I speak to dead people. That is not the type that I am. I am more in the category of clairvoyant but only slightly. I have precognitive dreams and just ’feel things’. I don’t communicate with the dead. I have seen passed over people in dreams but that isn’t mediumship. I have heard that if a spirit is standing next to you in your sleep they can appear in your dreams. I don’t know how true that is, but I have had dreams with living people in them and they certainly weren’t by my bed physically. I know those that are classed as medium, and they literally can see the spirit in front of them or at least hear them in their head. The irony about me knowing I have these abilities is the fact that I got scammed out of thousands over a period of time by fake psychics praying on my vulnerability during the whole situation with my son’s adoption. I knew that I was going to lose him but I kept going back to the fakers for hope. I hate that there are those people out there targeting the vulnerable and those going through grief. There is no way to stop those types of people though. You could make charging for readings illegal but that would be hard to enforce and genuine readers who don’t scam people will feel like they’re being punished for the actions of those who have brought their industry into disrepute. I trust my own abilities now and I don’t charge to use them. I decided after that to help people with my abilities. I started this blog to share stuff with the world that I hope leads to progress and ending certain negative things like discrimination. I feel connected to everything and everyone naturally so technically no one feels like a stranger to me. I do get told I am over familiar but to me I don’t see it like that. I forget that while every stranger sees me as someone they don’t know… I connect with deeper levels of existence so they are not such a stranger to me. I have learned not to repeat what enters my head either because then they freak out and start asking how I know certain things. I also don’t get the culture of sliding into someone’s DM’s (direct messages for non internet savvy people) being a code for ’I like you, fancy you, want to be with you’. That rarely is the reason why I send a DM. I don’t think I will ever go by all these unwritten codes.

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  1. I don’t understand or approve those codes you are writing about, either. I mostly try to interact “in public” – leave open comments, tweet/retweet openly. I don’t like referring to anybody without naming that person, or DM’ing just to ask a simple question or with some hidden meaning. All that is too complicated and annoying.


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