Energy flops are annoying.

I had the plan to come home from walk and do stuff that needed doing around the house. I had my dinner and then my energy flopped. I managed to get dishes washed, clean clothes out the washing machine and cats their evening meal before I had to get into bed.

I may have accidentally used all my energy up in a twitter feed that I got tagged into regarding autism. I get fed up with the in house bickering between the autistic community. The supremacy attitude amongst groups within the community is out of order. They cannot pick and choose the traits that they think makes them better than those of us with other traits. We have enough crap out in the world without getting it from our own community. I get it from autistics who weren’t labelled a criminal for their traits so when I see similar things happening, I am right in there. If we can’t agree or split hairs over minor details then what chance have we got to teach the world how to coexist with us and increase understanding / acceptance in general? Divided is never how we conquer in the long term. We all have something to bring to the table in that goal. None of us is better than the other for any reason.

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