Sleep pattern out of synch … living on my own time zone.

I haven’t slept the entire night. I slept late yesterday so my sleep pattern is a bit crap at the moment. I have sone some housework though. It was 2am but at least it is done. The cat (Mister) took a mouse from outside to play with him. The terrified little thing has run under some furniture. I couldn’t see it when I put my phone torch (flashlight) under it. It probably climbed up the back to hide after the cat traumatised it. Many people wouldn’t want to sleep not knowing where it is, but this is a common scenario here. There has never been a time when one has ended up in my bed so I’m not worried. I am used to it. They come out eventually when they get hungry. If I catch them before the cat, they’re lucky. Mister kicks them around like a ball and Mimi is the type of cat that will just kill it if the thing comes face to face with her. I heard something moving so it may come out from underneath there soon. It probably won’t have much of a chance because Mister is on the end of my bed near where it disappeared. The cats have both worn themselves out chasing that thing around and now are sleeping on my bed.

I can’t decide whether I am tired or not. I feel a bit tired but not enough to actually fall asleep. I normally fall asleep about 6am recently. I do need to reset my pattern, but it is hard enough to function at the moment. I can function better on my own time zone. It won’t be forever … just until my body and brain gets used to coming off antidepressants. The key is not to make things too hard. Small steps add up in the long run. They are all I can manage at the moment. I need to do things in stages to work up to having a normal schedule. I may never get there but I can get as close as possible. I don’t get very far in general. I keep winning bits on the lottery but never much. I won £5 for the second time in a few weeks last night. That kind of sums up my life. I get slightly lucky but either it doesn’t last or it is just a fluke.

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