Lots of things to unpack on here tonight.

I was in a twitter debate earlier about the case of archie battersby. I am of the opinion that no decisions should be made on inconclusive tests. This is purely based on being one of the children that was wrongly diagnosed with epilepsy and treated with medication which wasn’t even approved in children at that time. The doctors aren’t always right. It seems unsafe to go ahead with actions to switch off life support with tests that are inconclusive. Doctors are guessing that it is most likely he is brain dead. That is basically another crystal ball prediction that the courts are taking as evidence. In a criminal court this wouldn’t be allowed so why do we allow it in the civil divisions? The balance of probabilities should not be used to take a child away from its mother. That is like giving someone a life sentence for what professionals assume might happen. That isn’t fair. I can assure everyone that it killed the former me. I am no longer the same person. They killed most of me the day that my son was legally taken from me permanently. The only thing I did wrong? Well, purely being autistic. The system knows what issues are autism related but they split that up and make out in court that said behaviour is standalone. That is why they’re getting away with blatant disability discrimination. It is simply how you word things in a court arena.

Imagine how fuming I was after the excuses they made for taking my son for adoption barely giving me a chance (it was my first child) when I saw the news about that foster carer who killed the baby she was hoping to adopt. I didn’t have an alcohol issue, anger issues (apart from at childrens services while I was being treated in a certain way) and no debts. The system favours human beings that are just pure scum and it isn’t right that these ’people’ are the ones flourishing in society. They take children from disabled people for stupid reasons and give them to abusers… many of those deemed safe by social services have gone on to abuse children and in some cases murder them. Those of us with disability issues that won’t hurt a fly get labelled dangerous etc because they don’t understand us. They have used us as system targets for years. Meanwhile, the real dangerous ones are walking the streets and in some cases fostering/adopting children. The authorities tried to discredit me because I stood up and said I have had enough of the bullshit that has been going on since probably before I was even born. I cannot tell you all my whole life on here because I am simply not allowed due to family saying that I can’t. If those details were made public then I would not be treated so awfully by services and professionals I have met along my journey. I learned from an early age that I would end up in care if I wasn’t able enough. I was born into a background where care at home would probably not happen when I got old enough. I would simply end up in care and totally put on the scrape heap if I wasn’t useful in some way. I can’t go into any more details regarding my private life otherwise I will get into trouble with family.

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