I’m busy so here is a quick entry today.

I have to make a really hard effort to clean my flat later. It is an awful grubby mess. I have done bits but never finish it without getting tired. I sleep in intervals at the moment. That is fine if it is more than just a few hours. That is what happened last night and early this morning. I literally laid awake for hours in between. I had my breakfast at half 4 this morning but still couldn’t sleep until gone 6. I have a bad stomach which keeps making me feel like I need to go toilet. I went last night which eased off a little, but it feels like there is a ball right in the middle of my back. I felt empty briefly but now I feel like I need to get rid of it. And, on that note regarding getting rid of stuff. I will be getting justice because I am not giving up until I obtain that justice. It isn’t a question of if but when others will give me justice. I was never in the wrong. I point blankly refuse to get talked down to now. I have started standing up for myself now which has shocked those closest to me. I won’t be spoken to like they are used to speaking to me. Those of you that didn’t grow up with a lack of supply of love or affection won’t get just how innocent minded I am. I just wanted a friend from the start and lost everything including my own child because the world refused to perceive me correctly. That bullshit ends now, and I require the justice that I was denied for so many years!

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