I can’t sleep being plagued by utter frustration.

I am glad that youngsters who are growing up autistic have more opportunities in life, but I feel like I missed out. I see all these youngsters and some my age or older who had the support growing up succeeding in life. Then I look at myself and I can’t get there. I tried to get places when I was younger, but it never worked. Meanwhile there are autistic individuals in many roles that I could never get into. Some of them have several roles at one time. Meanwhile I am just an unemployed blogger who is forced to live a lonely life after my son was snatched for adoption. It isn’t fair how some of us are left to struggle and punished for our autism. There is a woman who has bpd studying neuroscience at leicester university that is also getting married. I tried university but my brain won’t do it. Everyone I have ever formed any sort of relationship with has turned out to either be a user or an absolute tosser. Why am I left behind? I may be burnt out but that doesn’t stop the frustration keeping me awake at night.

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