I give up because it has been decided that I am a ’none person’

I am sick of the saying that none disabled people say. We can’t keep trying until we get somewhere because we don’t get anywhere once society says we are ‘none people’. The council point blankly ignored my letter regarding section 117 aftercare discharge. They are supposed to have 28 days to answer customers as per their legal regulations. It has been at least a few months since I sent that letter. They have left me on it for at least nearly 5 years without any form of services which is technically not legal. I have struggled on my own and am stuck of a clause which means they can walk into my life freely if I have any more children and can keep old information on the system that strangers can request on the grounds of health and safety. I can’t move on with my life until they discharge me from that clause. I tried to get others to help me get justice for what the system has inflicted in me and all the did was report me for harassment which is how the order got put on indefinitely. I am not a danger to anyone. I just want freedom to have what a normal person gets to have. I am forced to live a life with no love or connections because their so called help via those awful mental health barbaric clauses. They passed info about my past to people losing me job opportunities and (the worse thing) took my family and chance of being happy for the rest of my life.

I have my mother nagging me to push the GP to diagnose me with something due to being tired, unable to lose weight and aching all the time. Alongside monthly issues. There is absolutely no point continuing to waste my time going back and forth like I have been for years. They are absolutely useless if you have mental health diagnosis or are autistic because you are a none person whose life means nothing. I can’t be bothered with the stress. I do not have the excess energy for anymore trips for blood tests or any other appointments. I have had another dark mole pop out under my arm pit since the heatwave last week. That part wasn’t even exposed to the sun. I am done with all that. They just turn around and blame depression especially since I have made the very firm steel decision to come off antidepressants because I refuse to have chemicals put into my body due to the trauma that others have subjected me to. Then she is on about messing with the bed place about the mattress in regard to going up there and asking for the money instead of using the discount to buy another mattress off of them. That won’t happen. That is not the thing I was offered via email. They didn’t even state the percentage they were prepared to offer just the suggestion. I am getting used to being a none person. That is what society has chosen for me. It is less painful to just accept that your life is seen as lower so you have to struggle and most likely die young because of societal neglect.

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