I’m in pain and tired.

I used to be so into fighting for justice and whatever else. I can’t do any of that any longer. I am tired and in pain. I don’t have the strength in me to fight for any cause any longer. I am that emotionally tired and physically tired I am crying. I am fed up of everyone being on different sides. Why do we have to fight over everything? Why can’t there just be peace? I shouldn’t have to had to fight for the thing’s others take for granted just because people misunderstand and judge aspects of my disability. I don’t want to be surrounded by hate just because of my disability traits. I want a horse drawn carriage for future reference. Animals can be trusted more than humans to take me anywhere and unlike humans they listen. I am tired. The end of my journey won’t be a choice. It will be what is meant to be. I have limited control. I am not even suicidal. I am just too tired for this life now. I want to go home, and I ask for that every night. I don’t want to be in such a hateful world which isn’t set to get anything better. I am fed up with being in pain and exhausted when I try to do stuff. I am existing only until I am allowed to go. I have asked for permission from whatever controls life to free me. I don’t have the guts to take myself. I trust what gives me my intuitive abilities to do what I have asked. It may not be straight away, but intentions build after the energy is sent out.

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