Well today was a struggle.

I didn’t sleep until gone 6am. I went to my appointment over in the city. I forgot how sensory battering driving around that area. I literally haven’t been over there for at least 2 years. I last went over there pre pandemic. I had my last ultrasound locally in the town next door to where I live. They couldn’t find anything wrong, so they said I have to go back to the GP for hormone checks etc. I basically ended up going over there to be no further on a day they warned people not to go out. The hospital is so large that I got lost on way to appointment and couldn’t find my car due to ending up the other side from where I parked. It was 39 degrees when I was trying to get back to my car because it ended up easier to walk around the site than get lost inside the building trying to get back to the correct side where my car was parked. I had put suncream on but that didn’t stop the heat getting too much. I probably will have one hell of a headache later.

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