The increasing autism diagnosis’s in celebrities.

I am not being ableist. I just find it irritating that recently there has been a load of well-known celebrities suddenly being diagnosed with autism. I am by no means lessening their diagnosis which they probably are relieved to have their diagnosis after whatever struggles they’ve had. I just feel that autism is being diagnosed in well-known people and this defines autism in the public perception. I couldn’t mask when I was younger which got me treated the way that I did. I am not ableist. I just have a chip on my shoulder after all I was put through. Try being sectioned, losing your baby to adoption and locked up briefly then come tell me I am ableist. I constantly experienced ableism from education places throughout my life. That is why it annoys me when celebrities are getting to be treated with respect, keep their children, have opportunities just because they have the money and status. I have had dreadful hateful things said to me and about me due to who I am. The horrendous things that the persons friends said about me and to me … the one I said I hated in last entry. I took those horrible things to heart. I was never the same again and will no longer go out there to be social. I can’t be with another because of what I was put through. I don’t like it that some autistics are privileged. They don’t lose their children to adoption. They have the money and are established in life enough to not be treated like I have been. That isn’t fair.

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