I need justice.

I actually need complete justice for all the things that I had to go through due to how my disability affected me from a young age. Behavioural problems are the beginning of trauma manifesting. I was punished for them, and trauma ended up stacking on top of original trauma. I was young and got shredded apart by people much older than me. I was naïve and hadn’t experienced life enough to be able to mask. The system punished me for being a naïve youngster. I did my few years of law degree via the open university to try to learn how to get justice from the system that failed me and then punished me. I found out that it actually isn’t possible to get justice because no one listens to me. I don’t have the money to legally do anything. I really do need justice because it hurts me so much. This is nothing to do with being in the process of coming off my antidepressants. They just mask the effects of trauma that I will always feel.

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