I barely slept. Trying to avoid cancel culture and in pain.

I couldn’t sleep properly. I had sore nails from where the extensions being removed has caused my natural nails to crumble. I can’t do anything to fix them unless I wait for them to grow out., I put out my opinion and got called a racist even though race had nothing to do with the view. Apparently, regardless of my experiences, I should sit back down and withhold my views due to having white privilege because I wasn’t treated badly due to my skin tone. That doesn’t lessen the impact that trauma has had on me. I cannot afford to be a victim of cancel culture. If people want to read my story it is on the about me page of the blog. I am too tired to type much right now. I would gladly sleep the entire day if I could. I have to be up later despite my reluctance. I just feel really affected by things people have said and done to me in the past at the moment. It stops me going out to be social. I just don’t want to do people in case they are downright awful toward me. The internet is extremely toxic at the moment. I can’t remember social media ever being this toxic previously.

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