I have a reason to hate someone else so much.

I am aware that others don’t get why I hated someone so much in my previous post. I will explain and this is by no means a justification. Their actions years ago had long-term knock-on effects in my life. I lost my disability support and have had to struggle ever since. It obviously caused me stress because my weight has ballooned. So that is why the hatred runs deep. Plus, I can see through her bullshit. All her fake accounts that make people believe her. I publicly mentioned the newest one on twitter to a mate and now its disappeared. I am aware that soul knows hers from a previous life. I felt that the day we met before I hated her in this life. I feel the darkness around her, and my soul already had a simmering hatred for her (definitely beef from a previous lifetime there). I wouldn’t be surprised if she meets the criteria for bpd, but they didn’t call it that when she was growing up. If my soul hated her for whatever reason, we would never have become friends. This runs deep from more than one lifetime. That is why the hatred is so deep there. I can leave previous lifetime stuff behind, but she also messed the current one up on a permanent basis, so I refuse to let that one go. She could probably narrow down who I was in my previous life by listing who died before I was born that she had crossed or fallen out with. We have to be on speaking terms for that and until she quits all her bullshit that won’t happen. She knows exactly what that is without me airing it here.


One response to “I have a reason to hate someone else so much.”

  1. Em, it’s very sad you are going through all this, and yes, such things may go deep down into our past lives. Unfortunately I cannot help with anything substantial like money etc. so I just wish you to overcome most of your difficulties and win in this difficult situation!


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