I am not sure how doctors interpret ’outside of range’ as ’satisfactory’.

I apologise for the lack of picture quality, but I took a quick photo on my phone before going to bed. One of the test results are listed as ’out of range’ but the doctor has put satisfactory no further action. The tests that have come back still doesn’t solve the mystery of why my foot has slightly eroded. That was the whole reason for the follow up tests. I would think that outside of range would have flagged up something, but it can’t be an issue as the doctor signed it off as satisfactory. The fact that they couldn’t do one of the tests due to sample being over 24 hours old shows that blood is being left sitting around in labs for days. I have looked it up and apparently it would only be a concern if it was too high above range. I just want to find out why my foot went the way that it did. I am still none the wiser. They didn’t communicate my results to me. I had to keep checking my account for the results of blood tests. Those results also don’t make sense as the levels it is saying is under the normal range is to do with muscles. That makes no sense when I use weight resistance machines at the gym. Either that or my muscles had broken down a lot before I started the gym last year. I do get aches so there could be an issue with my muscles. This is why they should at least investigate any out-of-range stuff just in case.

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