Dreams are just dreams right but what if they are pushing me?

I have spent way too long sleeping today. I literally fell asleep after getting up and having my dinner. I managed to go for a little walk this evening. I didn’t go for one yesterday because I rested (until I helped mum with cutting down the ivy). The scale goes down every time I do less it is great. I had a dream last night, well this morning as I went back to sleep after breakfast. I dreamt that I was singing a song in a variety show. I haven’t even sung at karaoke due to trauma effects. I literally lost my ability to sing. I was too scared, and my nerves cut off my voice. I was always good at this particular song that I had sung in the dream. I still have a firm belief that you don’t make it if you’re from a small town and aren’t linked with anyone in the business. Then there is also the saying nothing ventured, nothing gained. I have nothing to lose and just being me has been an embarrassment, so I am used to that. I also found out that my bones haven’t got something wrong with them causing the issue with my foot … which is good news.


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