I managed to do nails myself.

I know that they aren’t perfect but at least my nails are off now. It took me 4 hours using acetone and my nail manicure set. It isn’t perfect but they are now off. I still have long nails for now but that normally doesn’t last long. I put strengthener and moisturiser on my hands and now hoping for they get stronger. One got slightly damaged so may need reinforcing with glue in the middle. Too many layers came off when chipping off the bits attached to my nail. Nothing can be done to them until they have got strength back from being aired out after months of being under the extensions. I might have to reinforce bits with glue because at least 3 of them look brittle and have cracks. Even having them taken off by a salon doesn’t prevent natural nails crumbling.


One response to “I managed to do nails myself.”

  1. You are my hero, it was always a puzzle for me how people manage to keep long nails and take care of them if they are not very rich/ have no 24/7 access to manicure services. Hope your nails get better with the time!


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