Another morning wasted.

I got to the nail place earlier today. It is still busy. I wouldn’t be so annoyed if I hadn’t tried to make an appointment last week but got a message back saying that they didn’t know what times were available and I should just come sit and wait. I have had enough so taking my business elsewhere. I am so bloated that it is making me feel fat. I got up early on purpose to make sure they got done. They hurt when I catch them on things, so it is desperate that they get removed. I don’t know which way my monthly is going to go. I cannot use my iphone properly due to it overheating in this weather. I have lots to do at home which I left to get down to the nail place earlier. I have to deep condition my hair before the heat dries it out so much that it starts snapping. It is starting to smell a bit too due to sweating (can’t wash my hair every day because it dries out). That is why I am so annoyed because I could have got stuff done. I look like a fat retard, and I am sick of it!

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