I woke up feeling so bad.

I have really bad monthly pains today. I couldn’t get to sleep until really early in the morning. I remember it being nearly 6 am when I last checked the time before sleeping. I had to get up to change the litter tray because Mimi hadn’t used the thing correctly and got her business all over the edge. I did the washing up from last night because I didn’t feel up to it at that point. Mister had peed on the kitchen floor, so I had to clean that up. I don’t want to move around much today. I want to go for a walk, but I need to rest. I know that I need to plan a few rest days due to getting fluid collecting in parts of my body. The size of my thighs last night nearly made me cry. I managed to get some fluid out by rubbing my legs and leaving them up in the air for a few minutes. There was some in my arms too so did the same with them. I can’t get it to fully go down unless I don’t walk or do other forms of exercise for a few days a week.

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