Well today has been a mixed bag.

The bread maker that I bought didn’t work so I took the mixture out and freestyled it using the oven. I had to finish it off in the microwave because for some reason the oven refuses to light after just being used and turned off. I don’t know why. It tastes like it is supposed to do and is better than the gluten free ones you find in the shop. They don’t use eggs in the shop ones though. I put 2 eggs in my mixture. I also found out that I am a 38 DD in bra size. I had to get new bras after my boobs started spilling out of my D cups one. I don’t look that big, but it may be hormonal changes. I probably made it worse by trying to avoid the 35 year old female spread by doing all low fat as a twenty something. If I hadn’t slimmed down in my early twenties then I wouldn’t just look ’solid’ now but also have fat spilling everywhere. I managed to shave my face today (another thing that happens in your 30s). I did some of the dusting which would have got all done if the breadmaker hadn’t malfunctioned and having to improvise. At least that turned out edible (the bits I tried tasted right anyway). I still need to even out my hair but have to do that slowly to not ruin my hair.

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