I am struggling to function at the moment.

I fell asleep for a few hours earlier. I then woke up and now sleep isn’t happening again. I have a headache which I managed to get rid of a bit by taking pain relief. The mattress on my bed gets hard after a few hours due to the springs coming through and the fabric slowly sinking. I have turned it several times. The springs just rise again in a few days. The bed place won’t give me a refund because the bed was purchased more than a year ago. They said that if I chose a new one I can have a discount but that probably won’t be much off a new one. I can’t do chargeback on debit card because it’s been over a certain amount of days. The hardness caused by the spring malfunction hurts my back and ribs when I do manage to sleep on it. I feel restless due to trying to come off antidepressants. The brain zaps are getting slightly less frequent. I think my hormones are causing my headache and allergies to kick off badly. I have a sore throat from allergies filling my sinuses. I took an antihistamine, but they only do so much. I need to get rid of the dust build up in my flat because that probably isn’t helping.


5 responses to “I am struggling to function at the moment.”

  1. I sleep on an air Mattress, which is relatively quiet despite the constant airflow! Might be worth considering if your Health Authority can arrange it for you?


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