I need to find out something.

I have always had a suspicion that I may have been an evil soul rather than mentally ill etc. I just need to find out for sure. There has to be a valid test to find out. I have a theory that I was not one of those rainbow babies that incarnated after a few miscarriages. I believe that I was an evil soul hanging around just waiting to hijack myself into a baby’s body. They thought something was wrong when my mum was pregnant with me. They stuck a needle in her where lots of blood came out. That is the moment the original baby died, and I hijacked the body. A baby couldn’t survive being stabbed with a huge needle. I can see evil in my eyes. I only have predictive dreams about bad stuff that is going to happen. Others feel something when they’re around me. The way I have been treated by others. I just need to prove it. I have heard of cases of it happening, but I don’t know how to prove that I am literally a pure evil soul that hijacked itself into this world using opportunist circumstances.

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