2 rest days completed. I didn’t walk or go the gym.

I went to sleep extremely early after my evening meal. I woke up to have a snack and a drink. I also treated myself to alcohol to keep calories high as that is the only way the scale is going down. I reduced my calories and it went back up. I cannot explain the science behind reverse dieting but it does seem to work long term. I also have more success with weightloss if I rest for a few days. I have to keep it up. The scale has started going down since consistently eating around 2100 to 2300. It sounds a lot but I break it up into stages throughout the day. I may switch to gluten free bread too because it causes scales to go up, not to mention the bloating and soreness after eating it. I could make my own if I borrow mums bread-maker which she never uses. It will need a good clean up but the gluten free stuff in the shop is always on the hard side (that puts me off switching).

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